Small-town courtesy

My central New Mexico hometown is tiny (pop. 250), but it has K-12 schools, a new village hall, paved streets, waste management, a recycling system, a new fishing pond and park, community wi-fi (vi-wi-fi?)and a brand new lending library. Village government is smart and aggressive about seeking available funds for rural areas, and it doesn't hurt that the town is sprinkled with grant-application writers.

I am visiting this week.

A few years ago the village acquired a big, orange state-surplus streetsweeper. I'd never seen it until yesterday, when it rumbled to the corner of my parents' street. The driver, a former New York City police officer who retired here, parked it to idle, climbed down and walked a block to knock on our front door.

Yikes, maybe the rental car was parked in his way.


"Y'all might want to shut your windows a minute," he advised with a smile. "It's a little dusty out here."


  1. LOL I can certainly identify, I too hail from a very small town. I had a really hard time running away from home as a teen because everyone that stopped to pick me up just took me home! HAHAHA!

  2. Were you visiting on the east side of the divide where the remnants of Dolly literally drowned the area?