Northern California wildfire information updates

Cal Fire offers this central link to information about Northern California wildfires, air quality, alerts and evacuations.

We're hearing complaints about a lack of up-to-the minute information in critical areas, and hard-to-read crawls on television.

I'm posting the link, but the Shasta area updates don't seem that current to me. Maybe it will improve.

They are busy, after all. I guess I'd rather they fight fires than type updates. Of course, I'm not in a danger zone, either.

Thanks, firefighters. We know you're working hard.


  1. I went to the cdf link you posted, but the latest updates are from 7pm and I see the people posting to Redding RS have better info! In this day and age, someone should have the knowhow and access to post timely reliable updates in a central location!

  2. Kelly, thanks for updating on Doni and Bruce's home. Dave J.'s place is in a bad spot outside Ono; waiting to hear from him today. The central link was pretty general, but there are so many fires, it's impossible to give us the info we need. These blogs work great, however.
    The firefighters must be doing a lot right, as I know many folks whose homes have escaped the flames. Give them a salute when you see them at the grocery store.