Kent Dagg update

Don't count Kent Dagg out.

The Shasta Builders Exchange boss who was critically injured in an ATV accident in Reno six weeks ago is recovering back in Redding.

Friends say he's rallying, getting around a bit and making calls to the board of directors he's reported to for 20 years. He has requested a business briefing Tuesday (July 8).

He's receiving afternoon visitors these days but, merciful heavens, I won't say where he is recuperating because no matter who you are, if you are in a hospital, you deserve a little privacy. Britney Spears, Kent Dagg. Same thing. Leave 'em alone until they are able to flatten you in a fair fight.

(Seriously, if I'm ever in a hospital and people drop in on me, I'll rise from my coma, spit in their eyes and brain them dead with my bedpan. Call me a thousand times a day, send balloons, flowers and emails, and pester my family and friends for information, but do not, do NOT, DO NOT visit my skanky hair and patchy complexion in my fluorescent-lighting hospital room.)

Call the Builders Exchange at 221-5556. They'll tell you where he is, which is fine, but I can't be a party to what happens.

Mr. Dagg, if you read this (oh, don't be silly, nobody reads blaahhhgggggs), your friends say they've told you over and over the ATV-head-on-triple-backward-somersault-over-the-shining-Nevada-desert stunt isn't funny, and you should stop already.

Also, please prod someone interesting into running for Redding City Council this fall. Thank you.


  1. "Also, please prod someone interesting into running for Redding City Council this fall."

    How 'bout you?

  2. Say, ever hear back from Cibula?

  3. Thanks for the reminder. He didn't get back on that. Another call has been placed.

  4. Hmmm ... dodging the question or just on vacation?