Ken Murray goes to the dogs

City Councilor Ken Murray turned up at Shasta County's only off-leash dog park this morning and chatted with park users about improvements.

They told him it needed:

-- New pipes to bring in potable water for dogs and people. Benton Dog Park Association members say the city has tested the water and found it substandard because of pipe problems.

-- New drainage system to eliminate a chronic mudhole that forms from water that collects in the next-door airpark.

-- A portable toilet.

-- Another light.

-- More space. Or an additional park.

Leaning against a fence that separates the small-dogs area and the large-dogs area, Murray offered an idea: What about using the Parkview neighborhood area near Smile and Parkview that is currently populated by weeds, bushes and homeless camps?

He said it's owned by the city, is probably more than two acres, could be cleared of brush by the Sugar Pine crews, and fenced and lighted by the city.

Although it wouldn't be landscaped with grass, it could be a start, he suggested.

He added that the idea was off the top of his head and would need more research. He asked Gerrine Peckenpaugh and Judy Salter, of the Community Services Advisory Commission, to send background information and said he'd look into the possibilities of city improvements and expansion. Peckenpaugh is also on the board of the dog park association.

If you'd like to reach Murray, he's at or 225.4055.

Stay tuned.


  1. I hate to brag, but the dog park in Sioux Falls is fabulous. One fenced area for large breeds, another for small breeds. Water, lights, bathrooms, picnic tables, sun shades.

  2. The few times that I have been by the park, the folks their were having a great time with their dogs, friends, and all of the others that just like to "hang out" there. Thanks, Ken, for checking it out, and for listening to the community.
    Ron Largent
    Keller Williams Realty Redding