BlogHers have more fun

Back in my straight job as a newspaper editor, I went to two or three corporate meetings and newspaper conferences a year. The atmosphere was without fail grim, gray and serious. White-knuckled and whiny. Very life-and-death.

In remarkable contrast, this weekend at BlogHer '08, the atmosphere is cheerful and optimistic. And collaborative. And FUN.

Both are about doing good work and making money.

The difference is that corporate newspapers have to focus on the money. Publicly traded corporate newspapers have to focus on shareholder value (the money) by law. It's all about the bottom line.

How much more fulfilling it is to focus on the good work we can do, the money we can make as individuals, and that other important part of life that gets lost in a corporate j-o-b -- the j-o-y.

The atmosphere here is of hope and possibility. Very life-and-life.

Vive la difference!


  1. Some of us stuck here in the smogulous smoke are living vicariously through you -- so have a grand time, and thanks for checking in. Hope we can look forward to a full report.

  2. Kelly,
    I'm sure you were an asset to the conference. After all, you were into blogs and blogging before most people knew what they were.

  3. Kelly, Thank you for sharing the Joy with me at BlogHer. It was delightful meeting you.