Best California wildfire updates

Great suggestions today from readers...

One is from my husband, Steve, the map fanatic, who says the absolute best and latest mapping of the fires is here. Wow. Great detail using satellite images with hourly updates superimposed. Thanks, ENPLAN.

The second is from a reader/friend who must remain nameless but says on good authority that many emergency personnel in Shasta County -- first responders -- are getting their best and fastest fire updates from the Chico Enterprise Record and in the mornings from radio station Q97. DJs Billy and Patrick are indeed working their butts off to bring up-to-the-minute fire information to residents.

The third is a tip from reader Terry Turner: "Had in friend in So Cal who lost her home, and she told me the worst was trying to remember everything she had, to fill out her insurance claims. She had tons of sewing things, etc. SO, I would say, if you think a fire is headed your way, take your digital camera and walk around your house snapping photos of everything, even what's in closets and cupboards... if you have time, you can email the photos to a friend, or yourself, for backup. Then, you have documentation of your stuff, and a memory jog."

Good stuff. Thanks, everyone. Be safe.


  1. Thanks from the crew at ENPLAN! Hope our maps are helping everyone out.

  2. May I suggest that photos of everything you own be downloaded to an image-sharing website such as Snapfish or Photobucket. Keeping photos in My Documents won't work if your computer is destroyed, and keeping them in your email inbox slows down the computer.