Art Hop is Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Despite what a certain theater marquee said (Sunday, for heaven's sake), the 2nd Saturday Art Hop is this Saturday on Market Street in front of the Cascade. Saturday.

Connected to that event was Tuesday evening's art show at Vintage wine bar and restaurant, which featured self-portraits in various media.

One was painted by Nikki Kallio, artist, novelist and adventurer, pictured here. The large piece is hers. Admirers visited her table, including event organizers Adam Mankoski and Troy Hawk of HawkMan Studios, who asked her to prepare more work for future shows.

The restaurant was filled to capacity and buzzing with energy, an encouraging sign in this weak economy. Art Hop and Vintage might be on to something big.

2nd Saturday Art Hop
(it's FREE) begins at 5:30 p.m. Saturday.


  1. Terrific to see Nikki featured in the photo! She's so talented.

  2. Thanks so much, Kelly, for the feature and your kind words. I'm in amazing company at Vintage.

    Thanks, Candace!

  3. Thanks for the Vintage link, Kelly. We at Vintage appreciate the recognition of our involvement in the arts!