Next to bow out of Redding City Council race is...

Former Redding City Councilor John Mathena says he won't run for another term this time. That leaves at last count Councilors Dick Dickerson and Ken Murray, whose seats are up for grabs in November, Jim McDilda and Gary Cadd. The deadline for filing is Aug. 8.


  1. I believe his name is Gary Cadd.

  2. I am running on the Surrealist Light People's Party ticket. I promise to do the opposite of whatever John Paul Jones does (though I still don't know why Led Zeppelin's bass player is on the city council.) When he sits down, I'll stand up... and vice versa. This will ensure I serve the community with wisdom and compassion. I look forward to the upcoming campaign. Vote for me, I'm not insane.

  3. Oh, for the love of Pete. Of course it's Gary Cadd. How embarrassing. Would you buy the excuse that I was typing one finger at a time while driving 82 mph past the Nut Tree Farm? How about, I was typing while parachuting into a Northern California forest fire but fell onto the wing of Air Force One and had to roll into the blue sky before the junior G-men shot me down?
    Mr. Cadd, I apologize. I've fixed it now, and I'll slow down the next time I'm blogging on the fly. Thank you.