And the latest council candidate name is...

Not Mark Cibula, says Mark Cibula.

"No, I'm not running for council," he said Thursday, laughing. "If I wanted to stay in public office, I'd have kept the one I have."

So, false rumor, as the brilliant Bruce Ross commented before. Would have been interesting.

Cibula opted not to run for re-election to his Shasta County Board of Supervisors position. That race was won in June by Leonard Moty, the current police chief. He beat John Wilson, who ran a spirited race.

Redding City Council will have two open seats in November, now occupied by Ken Murray and Dick Dickerson, who presumably will run for re-election.

Other names in the wind are Gary Cadd, Jim McDilda and former councilor John Mathena (who says he's in). Staci Bertagna recently decided not to run.

Cibula said he hadn't heard of any other contenders.

"People tend not to want to go up against incumbents," he said.

Maybe Wilson would run.

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  1. I can see the placards all over town already. "Kelly Brewer for City Council." After all, you've really been following who runs, and hoping more women step up. Could you be thinking of a run yourself?