Up and at 'em

Thanks for your public and private notes of concern for the young man after his encounter with a nut job. He's in full speedy-recovery mode, in good shape and in good spirits. Moving on. Making plans. Giddyup, go. Got places to be, people to see. His mother is trying to follow his good example. What, me worry?


  1. That's good to hear, he's been in my thoughts. And, yeah, Mom and Dad are probably going to take longer to heal than a resilient young feller.

  2. Good news, indeed. Kids are remarkable teachers - "full-speed ahead" is a grand way to live life. Take care.

  3. Glad to hear you're up and at 'em. Missed you the past week. It's really wonderful to hear that big brother is coming through so well. Hope to see you this week.