This is why we don't own a gun

A big, twitchy, tweeker asshole son-of-a-bitch assaulted my 18-year-old in Caldwell Park yesterday. Punched him in the face, over and over. Broke his nose and left multiple cuts, welts and bruises. He was with friends, thank heavens, one of whom drove him home bathed in blood. A case of mistaken identity, they think. Who knows? It happened without provocation or warning, in broad daylight, in a quiet, public greenspace.

He'll be OK. His peacenik heart will forgive and forget.

I'm still shaking with fury for him, and it grows with every passing hour. I want to find that fucker and bash his head in. He shouldn't be hard to spot. Thick, with short hair and tattoos, riding a bike, spun. It's a small city, not that many places to look. The police were polite but not very helpful. I don't know what I expected. They don't have magical powers. I only know I want him beaten senseless. I want to smash the living breath out of him with a claw hammer, knock him to the ground and cave in his head, pop all the little bones in his hands and wrist and elbows, rip his nose and ears off his goddamn head and keep coming at him up close until he's unrecognizable to his own mother, reduced to a bloody pile of shattered, jagged bone and seeping pulp. That would be great. That would be spectacular. I'd do it in a heartbeat and be glad.

Where do I put my rage?

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  1. Unbelievable. Your rage is understandable. A couple of years ago my then 14-year-old son and a friend were accosted in broad daylight at the Mt. Shasta Mall. In this case only a few punches were thrown and nobody was seriously hurt. Turns out the little gang-banger wannabees eventually managed to successfully beat a poor kid at Movies 10.
    I'm almost glad when the boys and their friends hang out here all day playing PS3. It's tough on the food bill, but at least I know where they are and they're safe.

    I hope they catch the bastard.

  2. Holy cow, Kelly! That is terrible!

    If anyone ever hurt my kids, I would be out for blood. It's probably a good thing I don't own a gun, either.

    Healing vibes to your son! And I hope that asshat gets a major ass-whooping' from a bigger thug really soon!

  3. Oh, Kelly -- I am SO sorry about your boy -- I cannot imagine what you're going through. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  4. Give me more of a description. I'd love nothing better than to help with this.

  5. Oh, man, Kelly, I am as outraged as you are! Well, maybe not as outraged as only a mother can be, but, like you, trembling with anger and beyond frustrated that there's nothing obvious to do. Please give our healing wishes and sympathy to your son. Such a nice kid!! A super kid.

    I remember one time when I was little and the neighborhood bully punched out my very sweet and gentle brother who didn't have a clue how to fight. It cut me to the bone and I still feel terrible whenever I remember seeing my bro all bloody. I am so so so sorry. I hope they catch that asshole. And that he gets a lesson in empathy.

  6. There's something to the stories about getting between Mama Bear and her cubs. You fit right in, and rightfully so.
    Sorry, I DO own a gun and it's for nut cases like your boy's attacker. They don't deserve to live and breed more of 'em.
    I can only hope the best for your youngest.

  7. Hell hath no fury like a mother's rage.

    I join in your outrage.

    Please pass on our wishes of rapid recovery to young Mr. Brewer.


  8. Put your rage right here, Kelly.

    Had similar emotions when my nephew was attacked by three strangers (different town.) Hit over the head with a bottle, knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head.

    My other emotions were thankfulness that he was alive and recovered well, and that, like your son, he has the temperament to forgive and forget.

    But put your rage right here.

  9. Wow! I am speechless. You are a Mama bear.

  10. Chris, don't get me wrong. It's fine if other people have guns; I just know I'd get in trouble with one.

    Thanks for the kind words, y'all. He'll see them too.

  11. Kelly, If you find a place to put your rage...other than the passage of time and the bit by bit replacing of it with the good moments in your life and the eventual forgiveness of that FUCKED UP SOB....please let me know of it! Dave J.(optimist in progress)

  12. I don't necessarily think that these kind of people should be killed, just castrated with something rusty so they can't reproduce...although what you describe, Kelly, is a good start. I'm really sorry about your son. Hopefully this asshole will be taught a lesson soon.

  13. Kelly,
    This behavior is unacceptable in our town. I am very sorry for what your son is going through. Please believe that the RPD is doing everything they can to identify and apprehend these criminals.
    Ken Murray

  14. How awful... please add me to the posse of pissed-off mama bears who are ready and able to kick some tweaker ass. I'm so sorry.

  15. Kelly, I have a .22 my uncle made for me when I was little. Probably untraceable. Lemme know.

    - JR

  16. Kelly,
    I am so sorry and I would rejoice if this prick was caught and tortured to death, and I think I could watch and participate. I remember when my daughter had her first day in school (first grade) and one of the 4th graders was picking on her on the walk home. When I finally heard about it I walked with my daughter and was ready to literally tear this kids face off. I was pissed, crazy mad. Of course the punk didn't come around when I was there. I took the problem to the principle instead of committing murder on a 4th grader. I know how you feel. I own a gun and always have. I hope we don't ever lose this right. It is unfortunate that this dirt bag that did this to your son would not be punished appropriately even if they did find him. We need a posse of the locals to scan the park and other hangouts and door to door until this dirt bag is caught and then stoned and kicked until death. He is just wasting a spot on the earth and we don't have many spots left to waste.

    A Mom

  17. Kelly...

    I hope you will take your rage and channel it into a reverbating, consistent message to everyone-- "THIS IS NOT OKAY."

    Your son was one of several people who has been senselessly and/or mistakenly beaten in the past few weeks around town. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

    I have heard the idea bandied about in each case that perhaps the victims "deserved" it. Blaming the victim is heinous. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

    I have heard comment from public officials that we simply can't fix problems like these-- "druggies are druggies". Absolving an individual of his miscreance because of his miscreance IS NOT OKAY.

    I have heard that we don't have enough law enforcement resources to keep people from being randomly beaten in the local parks. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

    I have heard the sheriff say that there is not enough jail space to house these kinds of criminals for the entirety of their sentences. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

    There are problems at every level of our society and in every aspect of our social systems. That we, as humans, in a free democracy cannot, or will not, effectuate the positive change that will eliminate these issues IS NOT OKAY.

    That you might lose your rage without something positive coming from it IS NOT OKAY.

  18. Thom, Greg, I think the three of us coulf find the dude...makes me totally sick to my stomach. I moved to Redding to get away from the violence of a big city. Kelly, my heart goes out to you, this a-hole will get his, no worries there.

  19. I hope your son heals well in both ways. I also hope that several large, powerful men soon have the opportunity to use the attacker's scrotum for punting practice. For at least an hour.

  20. The attack on your son is an outrage, unforgivable, heinous, cowardly.

    Hopefully it won't have lasting effects, physical or psychological.

    Unfortuately revenge only begets revenge. It is not many steps to driveby shootings, get them and all like them, and all of that.

    However, there is virtually no limit to defending one's self and dear ones from attack. If they enter your home, defend it while you can. If they are leaving, let them go. But don't put yourself in the position of watching helplessly while you are held hostage and you or you family are brutally assaulted. Get a weapon,learn to use it safely, be prepared to use it without question if the need arises.

    But not for revenge. That is a never ending tragedy. Even with their limitations, we have to leave that to the police. However, finding and reporting the asshole is more than just.

  21. As someone who sees kids in all their misery and glory in the semi-public arena of school, I gotta say, Karma is the only comfort sometimes. This is NOT right, and remembering that is part of what separates us from those lousy rage junkies.

    My favorite revenge is spending my time making this a world where those bastards don't get to win. I hope your son can keep his optimism and hope even in the stress of the flood of anger and grief that comes when sane humans are touched by the crazy fringe.

    (After all, that is the definition of stress, the overwhelming urge to choke the living s**t out of some creep who desperately needs it!)

    I recommend digging (yes, by hand!) a really deep hole in some terrible tough rocky dirt and making it grow something strong and beautiful--it exhausts the body and feeds the soul.

  22. I think you need to go to anger management and get psychological counseling fast! Your hate-filled over-reaction picture of what really goes on in your mind is scarier than what happened to your son. Obviously you're not a Christian. Christians turn the other cheek and forgive and forget! Try church on sunday and stay away from listening to KQMS hate radio.
    BTY, your son ought to find new friends if all they can do is drive him home banged up. Why didn't they step in and protect him? What kind of "friends" don't stand up for each other?

  23. What?! The "obviously you're not a Christian" is a comment absolutely uncalled for here. Have some compassion for this Mom who is grieving for her son and this vicious assault.

    I am going to look for this person, and should I find someone like him, observe, and call the authorities if he misbehaves.

    We can all be on the lookout for him and be vigilant without being vigilante. KB is expressing her understandable rage. "Christian", walk a mile in her shoes before you judge.

  24. Kelly,

    John & I are so sorry to hear about your son! We hope he heals fast. Our prayers are with you and your family.


  25. I hope your son has a quick and speedy recovery. You dont put your rage anywhere, its understandable. You let it go because it will burn you down then all thats left is hate and rage and the bad things in life. Let it go and concentrate on the healing process thats where the good things in life are..Zman sends