That song in my head

In the last three days I've listened to seven hours of live music played by more than a dozen musicians. That's close to 200 songs, half of which I sang along with. After all that input, the only music that's looping in my brain is one song from early Friday night at the Post Office Saloon and Grill, "Wagon Wheel," sung in exquisite harmony by Redding's Jim Dyar and Torri Pratt.

Bob Dylan wrote the chorus that won't quit. You know it. Sing along...

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me

Rock me mama like the wind and the rain

Rock me mama like a south-bound train

Hey mama rock me...


  1. Have you heard the Old Crow Medicine Show version of this? Superb ...

  2. Thanks, Bob. The visuals are as fun as the audio.