One name out of Redding council race

Shasta Family YMCA development director Staci Bertagna has ruled out a bid for Redding City Council this year.

"I have decided not to run at this time," she said this week. "With the new CEO coming in at the YMCA, my energy needs to be directed towards the Y. A lot is happening at the YMCA right now and I will be very busy with my job.

"I still have the intentions of running in the future, as this is still a passion of mine," she said.

I'd heard a rumor that former councilor John Mathena had also decided not to run, but he said there was "no truth to it."

That leaves Mathena, businessman Jim McDilda, and current councilors Ken Murray and Dick Dickerson as the names in the wind right now for the two seats open in the November race.

Where's the sport in that? Well, there's lots of time. With any luck, some others will step up and make things more interesting. The filing deadline is Aug. 8.

---- UPDATE ----

My friend Bruce says to add one more name: Gary Cadd of Redding.

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