Hat tip to Shasta editor, district boss for reviving student newspaper

Giving credit where it's due, I began to write a congratulatory item about Shasta Union High School District Superintendent Mike Stuart's decision to reinstate Shasta High's student newspaper, the Volcano.

You might recall the newspaper was killed two weeks ago after a content dispute. That story got nationwide coverage. On Friday, Stuart reversed the school decision. Excellent call. (A new faculty adviser would be another wise move.)

But reinstatement might not have happened at all if junior Amanda Cope hadn't had the steely nerve and presence of mind to call the district and make a case for the students who had looked forward to their opportunity to produce the newspaper next year.

Stuart gets a salute for a good decision on his way out the door to retirement.

Young Ms. Cope, who wouldn't take no for an answer but went straight to the top armed with a calm, intelligent appeal for fairness, gets a rip-roaring standing ovation. She's going in the door with leadership and style.

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  1. And since this week seems to be all about constitutional rights for young people...
    On the agenda at the June 17th Redding City Council meeting - a proposed daytime curfew ordinance.
    Hope lots of folks show up to fight it.