Fire chasers

Have I told you our youngest is driving? Yes, and he's good behind the wheel.

California requires a certain number of practice hours with an experienced driver in the car (as many states do, thank heavens), so for a few weeks he's been driving me around the winding country roads and city streets. It's pleasant. I get to gaze at the scenery, and we chat about music, travel, other drivers and whatnot, i.e., "What not to do -- drive too close on the right side where your mother is riding shotgun. She gets nervous." Other than that, I'm calm. No gasping or stomping the floorboard.

We skipped a couple of days because of the thick wildfire smoke clogging the Northern California air. Thursday's breezes blew it out for a while, and then whipped up more problems. But we took advantage of a clearing after supper, and while he drove, I photographed the new Motion fire northwest of Redding, not very darn far away.

These are just snaps, no special effects. It's hard to take a bad fire photo. Even if it's out of focus, the drama makes up for it. You just keep pushing the button.

My driver was a good fire chaser. He slowed down and sped up when I asked, honed in and hung back, stayed out of the way, stopped for better angles. Only a fading camera battery ended our adventure.

We are pyrorazzi.

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  1. Pyroraazi. I'm stealing that. Cool pix.