Blow a kiss to Cathy Darling

Another smooth-election smoocheroo goes to Shasta County Clerk Cathy Darling after yesterday's direct primary in California.

Other than a temperamental ballot-counting machine, Darling's operation rocked along exactly as it should. As it always does.

I worked the polls for a second time this year, and again found the process illuminating and reassuring in its built-in checks and balances for accuracy, fairness and timeliness.

My poll pals Doni Greenberg and Lori Tessier kept us -- and voters -- on task, alert, well fed and laughing. There were Italian pastries, Geneburgers, Pepsi-Colas and specialty coffees for us during the day, and chocolate and cookies for our voters.

Read Doni's take on it here. (Thanks for the picture, Bruce.)

We had a great time. Wrap-up and clean-up took us about an hour. We dropped our materials off at election headquarters downtown, which was accomplished in a rapid 10 minutes through a precision assembly line that Lori said was the fastest she'd ever seen.

Everyone was cheerful and efficient. Cathy worked alongside her line crew, greeting returning poll workers, folding bags, and answering questions. That's a strong, positive message for employees as well as the public.

Summary totals are here.

Detailed reports are here.


  1. Good for you guys! It looks like you had some fun as well!

  2. Kelly...

    Thanks for the kudos to Cathy Darling and her staff. I am always amazed at the way she and her staff get the job done, and are always striving to improve-- a feat in and of itself considering that every primary election for the past dozen or more years has had a set of rules and/or procedures different from the previous years.

    We are very fortunate to have the level of leadership and dedication that Cathy Darling's office brings to our community and our democracy.