What kind of writer?

"What do you do?" they ask.

"I'm a writer," I say.

"Oh! What kind?"

I'm paralyzed. Do they mean novelist, playwright, reporter, ad copywriter? Or fiction, nonfiction, news, commentary? Poetry? Screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, power plays? Essays? Speeches? Research papers? Book reviews? Blogs, web sites, dictionary entries, menus, matchbooks, mash notes? Westerns, romance, sci-fi, mysteries? Deadline-oriented or blithely cavalier? Paid, unpaid, volunteer? Organized, linear and disciplined, or scattershot, haphazard and creative?

Clearly, I'm the kind who overthinks.


  1. Why don't you answer, "English."

  2. LOL How about "anticipated?"

  3. You're a great writer, Kelly. And a great writer can write everwhat she wants.

  4. I'd go with erotic, but that's just me. Just to see the reaction.

    Sioux Falls, BTW, is going swimmingly.

  5. Right handed?
    Or ...
    Cuniform? (That'll throw 'em)

  6. I would think the word alone, "writer," describes you perfectly.
    Whatever you choose to call it, please, just keep doing it. Because I, for one, am a "reader."

  7. OH, and if Thom G EVER answers ANYTHING with the word "erotic" in my presence, I'll hurl.

  8. And another thing, are those weirded out "word verifications" with the melty letters freaking anybody else out? I try to read them and I think I'm back at Woodstock.
    I want to leave a comment but sometimes I'm just too enamored of the trippy script and I forget what I was going to say. Probably something with the words Thom G and erotic in the same sentence. Pass the Thorazine.

  9. You are all too funny -- and too kind. Thanks for the great ideas! (Good luck, ThomG.)