Unsinkable volunteers clean up Shasta County -- again

One of the ongoing community projects my Rotary Club of Redding embraces is environmental awareness and clean-up, spearheaded by the intrepid Randy Smith. He and his crew, with the help of community agencies and resources, regularly launch enthusiastic campaigns against trash and invasive vegetation in natural habitats, carried out with the vigor, discipline and determination of a military operation.

You can't believe what they pull out of streams and creeks.

Here is his summary of the latest expedition, May 10:
Once again, but in a concentration never known; the Allied Stream Team has vanquished a riparian enemy. This morning's maneuver was on 170 acres adjoining Salmon Creek east of Redding. The effort included: eleven vehicles, three boats, eight 55 gallon barrels, countless tires and full CalTrans bags, several mattresses, couches, refrigerators, television sets and computers. The extraneous assorted litter not mentioned made a compressed 140 cubic yard mess. Hard working dignitaries included Shasta County Supervisor Glenn Hawes and Shasta County Superior Court Judge Monica Marlow and her husband, Stuart Zanni. Ken "Splinter" Seamans, Jerry "Ever Ready" Drennan, Toby "Wild Salmon Man" Preston with Caleb, Jay "Minute Man" Farquhar", Chet "Ruined Truck" Nowak, Lewis "Dusty" Chamberlain, Jim "To the End" Robinson and Creeky (Smith) came from Rotary Club of Redding. Bob Nash and his son were there from Sunrise Rotary. Assorted concerned neighbors, Clay from the Ross Family Trust, Western Shasta Resource Conservation District's Lee Delaney, and two large platoons from the Good News Rescue Mission and the California Conservation Corps rounded out the army of volunteers. Grateful appreciation is sent to the combined work detail from Shasta County and Redding Work Release crews which labored all week to gather what was evacuated to containers and sorted for recycling today.

We are as grateful to the WSRCD for this opportunity of service as we are hopeful of apprehending those who show no concern for the precious surroundings we all share.

Thank you, everyone! This adventure was more fun than most of our work and the countryside is much improved for the effort and time given by so many.

Cky (a k a Pvt. Creeky, a k a Randy Smith)

Smith never fails to write robust thank-you notes that acknowledge contribution and positively reinforce the message of teamwork, camaraderie, mission, achievement and gratitude. If every team leader, crew boss and supervisor did that, American workplace productivity would triple overnight.

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