Traffic light long time coming

The cheer going up from neighborhoods near Buenaventura Boulevard and Canyon Creek Road is the sound of hope that the hot pink marks appearing on the pavement last week mean a traffic light will finally be installed.

It's true, says Corri Zimmerman, an associate civil engineer at the city of Redding's Transportation and Engineering Department.

"We are starting the markouts now," she said. "It was obviously warranted because of traffic and speeds."

It's not a rapid process, though, so we might as well cool our jets. (Yes, I live nearby.)

Zimmerman said once the measurements are taken, it takes about 16 weeks to get poles and other materials in.

Why so long?

"They're not stock items, and few companies do it," she said. In other words, they are custom poles and foundation outfits made to order. She said that process is under way with an East Coast company.

The local company doing the work here is H&H Electric, which Zimmerman said bids on many city projects.

"The lights will be functioning toward the end of summer," she said.

Can't be too soon for me. We have two rookie drivers in our household (male, younger than 25, we'll need a second mortgage to pay their car insurance), and that intersection makes me nervous with its four lanes of traffic easily doing 60 in a 45, two turn bays and a hard-to-see-around corner.

Zimmerman said speed limits will remain the same.

Let's hope the light takes drivers down to the posted speed limit, at least. We've seen enough upside-down cars there to last a lifetime.

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