That Saturday feeling

Three loaves of bread are in various stages of completion in my kitchen, and a jar of cherry brandy has been set to mellow on a back shelf. The house smells delicious. This afternoon we're going to Great American Trailer Park Musical, and tonight, dinner with friends. Right now I'm going to find new books at the library, then wander over to the farmers market to buy way too much fresh produce. It's Saturday morning. Is there anything we can't do?

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  1. In Redding, there's so much to do on one hand but on the other so very little to do as compared to what's available when living in the Bay area. We miss the art, the culture and the festivals that were so much a part of our weekend life while living there. Yes, there are trade-offs in life. If we had to make the decision on whether to stay there or to live in Redding the latter would win hands down. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. We've missed you.