Sports radio to return soon?

A little birdie says Mike Quinn at 1460 AM radio in Redding is lining up the ESPN sports programming that evaporated when KPIG ("Got a hog call for ya, babay!") snuffled up the 1670 AM signal a couple of weeks ago.

Quinn, who also has 1230 AM, apparently heard the squealing loud and clear and is trying to respond to the community's wish for its beloved sports talk. Listeners and advertisers might want to lend moral support. He's at 244-5082.

Not for nothing: Quinn's stations are locally owned and operated -- the only independent, unaffiliated media outlets in the area.

(Old media, that is. A platoon of local, independent Web sites and other new media focusing on Northern California is rapidly gaining numbers, readers, strength and market share. There are 25 at last count -- and those are just the ones I know of.)


  1. Maybe he read my blog.

  2. ESPN Radio does have its share of sports talk, which is fine as far that goes, but MUCH more importantly, this means we again can listen to S.F. Giants games on the radio, the way god intended it!

    Mike Quinn's a great guy and very civic minded and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that he'd be the one to step up and provide Giants fans with their fix.

    It could be the best of both worlds: pullin' in the 'pig' on a strong signal and being able to follow the Giants as they beat the ever-loving #$%@ out of the Dodgers. A win-win if I ever heard one!

  3. Mike Quinn does go out of his way to support local business and local artists. We are SO lucky to live in a town where independent radio still exists.

  4. May have gotten a little ahead of myself excitement-wise. Picking up ESPN's programming does not guarantee picking up Giants games as well.

    One can certainly hope though!

    I'm sure Giants fans would be happy to support any north state businesses that would sponsor Giants broadcasts. Something to think about, I would think.

  5. Jon, we Dodger fans look forward to meeting you guys on the field, especially if we can get to your bullpen and get ahold of one of those $136 million lollipops from Mr. Zito. Granted, the Schmidt deal hasn't worked out too well for us, but at least he's not out there LOSING games for us.
    Also, what about A's games? I mean, they're the only Bay Area baseball team to have won a World Series. Why don't we get their games? They're contending this year, which is a long way from what the Giants will be doing. We want A's, Raiders, Niners, Kings and Warriors games too! Oh, and throw in the Sharks while we're at it! How about some Pac-10? We deserve the service.