In which the tea hostess offers to save moi, chapeau-wise

She is a sly and sassy one, my hostess for the Saturday tea for which I still have no hat. In my mailbox this morning:
Just in case your paper plate crown idea boils into frustration, your Hat Bitch Hostess has an assortment of approximately five hats for loan. Interested? Hat boxes delivered free of charge.
I could wear all five. I could wear the boxes. Or -- say, is that a challenge I detect underneath that velvety offer of assistance? A poking of fun? A pulling of leg? Do I read "you hapless lame-o" between the lines? Why, there is no mocking at tea. We'll see about this.


  1. Come to Red Bluff for the big downtown sidewalk sale this afternoon or tomorrow. I imagine you'll find a hat to meet your needs -- and a bunch of other stuff, too.