I never knew testicles hung like that

She said it. But I was thinking it.

Way up high is where they start, and even though I have a husband and two about-grown sons, I didn't know that until today. Pinky swear.

They look like -- guys, forgive me -- ovaries in a long sack. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. Or, flip side, ovaries could look like uptight testicles. Ahem. Which is what I was thinking to myself -- wha...??? -- when someone said out loud, "Ohmygaw... I never ... "

That wasn't the only revelation I had at a sneak preview of Bodies Revealed, the museum show that opens Saturday at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding.

I figured out why my shoulder hurts where it does.

And where to place a brace to support that weak-ass, punky feeling my knee develops on the treadmill.

No matter how much you know about how we're put together, you'll learn something fascinating in this exhibit. It's a slack-jawed wonder wander through the three big rooms of specially preserved human musculoskeletal parts and pieces.

We know our bodies are miracle machines. We treat them like crap, don't we, yet they keep on ticking.

Knowing is one thing.

Seeing is believing.


Pictures now. More details a bit later.


  1. I've got a pair and I thought the same dang thing. I talked about it. I scared co-workers. But seeing is believing.

  2. Sounds like you had a 'ball', Kelly.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I just wanted to beat Phil to the punch!

  3. Looked about right to me. My wife's had mine in a jar for 28 years.

  4. I think it, and suddenly, it just comes right out of my mouth! Now if only the exhibit could explain why I just blurt this stuff out!

  5. Oh god. Are those little babies in bottles, towards the end? Just wait until the uptight right sees and hears about this. I'd expect protesters any minute now.

  6. Ever see "Dexter?" Last photo reminds me of it.