Herger will have to give up gas hog

Members of Congress who lease their taxpayer-funded cars through their office budgets must soon by law select those that emit low levels of greenhouse gases.

That includes our Rep. Wally Herger (R, Chico).

Herger, who is paid $162,100 a year, opposed the legislation requiring him to choose a car that has less impact on the environment. It was included in an amendment to last year's energy bill.

The 2003 Ford Expedition that Herger drives gets a combined city-highway average of 14 miles a gallon and emits 13 tons of greenhouse gases a year, the article says.

It scored a 2, the worst among California lawmakers who have taxpayer-funded vehicles.

More .... The Los Angeles Times


  1. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Herger is really just a good old boy who is not very good, getting too old, and too much of a boy.