Fire Department top tier to clear out

Redding is on the lookout for a new fire chief.

And a new fire marshal.

And a new battalion chief.

The Fire Department's upper tier will empty this summer as two retirements and a medical leave converge to leave an opening for new leadership.

Fire Marshal Bruce Becker will retire July 18, and Chief Duane Fry will retire Aug. 8. Another employee won't be returning after a medical leave, which opens up the battalion position. It reports to the fire marshal.

(Jeez to Pete, those pesky HIPAA rules make employee explanations very complicated. No names, facts, identifying information. Well, you know.)

It might sound like some kind of sudden, clean sweep, but Fry, chief since 2003, says the timing is a coincidence and that they staggered the departure dates for a smooth transition.

He said he'd accomplished about everything he set out to do in his five years as Redding's fire boss. Add that to his 33 years with CalFire.

"I had a full career with the state," Fry said, "then five years with the city. It's time."

He's 57 and looking forward to finishing the landscaping on his Cottonwood home, whisking the dust off his golf clubs, putting his fishing boat in the water for the first time in years, and traveling by RV with his wife, Patti, and their retired friends.

Nice for him, but too bad for Redding. We might get a super new fire chief, but we'll never find one with a better name for it.
The city offers a battalion chief salary of $5,192 - $8,218 a month, depending on qualifications ($5,426 - $8,588 effective 7/1/08), plus benefits.

The city offers a fire marshal salary of $6,149 - $10,065 a month, depending on qualifications ($6,426 - $10,518 effective 7/1/08), plus benefits.

The city offers a fire chief salary of up to $12,048 a month, depending on qualifications, plus benefits.

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  1. While in high school I wish someone would have shown just how lucrative it would be to work for the city or state governments. Imagine your retirement benefits with a package of 3% at 50? And I kept beating my head against the corporate wall!
    There's a message here somewhere for our youth.
    BTW, good scoop! When is that online paper going to start? Looks like it already has!