Whole Earth Festival

To the organizers of Saturday's Whole Earth Festival green event at the Redding City Hall Sculpture Park: Thanks for putting together this large and information-packed gathering. Most enjoyable.

To the Master Gardeners, especially Laura Christman: The little plants perked up fine, as you predicted. Steve's tomato sprig and my black-eyed Susan are very happy.

To the rabid guy at the hate-SPI-clear-cutting booth: I'm so annoyed at you I can't remember the name of your group. But I'll find out, and I won't forget again. I didn't sign your petition because I don't sign petitions, and I know people at Sierra Pacific Industries, and I know more about their operation and your group's objections than you probably do. Debating in the hot sun didn't interest me, though, so I said no, thank you, with a smile. You sneeringly tried to pick a fight with me. You assumed I was against you. Not necessarily true. This is how you win people over? Really? As a bully? You harm your cause, little man. Sit in a corner with an envelope and stuff it.

To Denise Rowlett at the BloodSource bus: You're a great representative of your company and humanity in general. You should get a raise.

Finally: Most of us drove to this environmental-awareness event. The nearby lot was a sea of cars. Oy, vey. What are we going to do with us?

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