What Mayor Mary Stegall should do next

Now that Councilor Ken Murray has publicly spanked Mayor Mary Stegall to teach her a lesson about politics -- by killing a perfectly suitable nominee to the Redding Planning Commission -- surely he feels his point is made.

He said it was his only point, and that he had nothing against the nominee, Gail Rich. (Rich is a conservative Republican, I learned from her excellent op-ed piece in the newspaper today; I stand corrected.)

Stegall should renominate Rich.

It stands to reason that Murray, given a second chance to do the right thing, would swing the vote in her favor this time. People say he's an OK guy under that charm-free exterior. Let's see it. Now that he got that other thing off his chest and all.

Yeah. That'll happen.


  1. You're exactly right, Kelly! Right on!

  2. I was thinking that Susan Weale (of Friends of Canyon Creek) would make an excellent alternate, but I'm pretty sure she neither works nor lives in the city, darn it. She was on the Tree Ordinance Committee, though.

  3. Great suggestion. But I don't see it happening. Too much ego investment.

  4. I am going to call and ask Ken. She would be a great commissioner.

  5. OK - fingers crossed. Hope springs eternal. Thanks.