Two books

Didn't post. Couldn't put down my books.

"The Gettin Place," by Susan Straight, gets its arms around the contemporary mind frame of urban kids and violence. The novel's distinctive voice rings true about families, lovers, kids, race, guns, history, class warfare and real estate development. Sound like too much? It's not. It's a gripping, heart-clutching story, destined for classic status. Straight also wrote "I Been In Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots" and "Highwire Moon." All good.

Before that, I was on "The Way the Crow Flies," by Ann-Marie MacDonald, set in the changing U.S. geopolitical landscape of the 1960s. It centers on a good little nuclear family that suddenly has to learn how to keep secrets. You might remember MacDonald's debut bestseller, "Fall on Your Knees," also an excellent read.

These are the juicy, fat stories you want never to end. Enjoy.

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