Spring redecorating? Keep these young people in mind

Young people in Shasta County foster care who are suddenly on their own could use an assist.

If you've got furniture, household goods, appliances, even autos that are headed for charity, or starter jobs for which you're hiring, please consider the Shasta Independent Living Program.

It's part of Northern California Youth and Family Programs, and it contracts with Shasta County to help foster kids as they age out of the system.

No matter how ready they are emotionally to live on their own, independence requires a little stuff and some skills.

Got a bed or a sofa that needs a good home? Maybe a dinette set with a couple of chairs? Anything in good shape is welcome, I believe, as well as cash donations, school tuition and job offers.

ILP helps teach a variety of skills to youths 16-25, such as job interviewing, applying for college and financial aid, budgeting, checkbook balancing and caring for a car. They also have the youths construct and grow gardens, which teaches growing, tending, reaping, cooking, planning, patience and tender loving care. Last year they donated surplus food to others in need. This year they'll sell the extra at farmers markets and learn job skills, the spring newsletter says. (UPDATE: Mother Nature wreaks havoc.)

This quiet little program does so much for so many. If you want to help, reach coordinator Lisa Goza at or 365-9197.

Hey, what goes around comes around. Send something around soon. Tell her a Rotarian sent you. :)

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