Six-word journalism mottos

The assignment was to create a motto for contemporary journalism in six words. Ten finalists (plus honorable mentions) are up for consideration.
  • Doing more with less since 1690. --Ken Fuson, Des Moines Register
  • We'll always have Paris ... or Britney. -- Jim McPherson, Whitworth University
  • It's how I change the world. -- Nick Escobar, The Elgin (Ill.) Courier News
  • Get it right, write it tight. -- Margaret McDonald, McDonald Wordsmith Communications
  • They'll miss us when we're gone. -- Scott Powers, Patrick McGeehan, Matthew Jones, John Davenport
  • Feed the lapdog, euthanize the watchdog. -- Roy Peter Clark
  • Who, what, when, where, why, Web. -- Greg Phillips, The Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer
  • Facts, schmacts ... how is my hair? -- Kathy Sweeney, anchor/investigative reporter, Heartland News
  • Dirty commie latte-sipping liberal scum -- Ryan Kelly, Christopher Newport University
  • Please stop griping, now start typing. -- Jeff Unger, University of Illinois
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  1. Roy Peter Clark's entry gets my vote.

  2. Over at, we have a long-standing motto:

    "If it's crap, just change it."

  3. That's why we love you guys.