Shasta County District 2 supervisor candidates: Game over

Weeks ago, a friend and I agreed that Redding Police Chief Leonard Moty would win his District 2 Shasta County Board of Supervisors race by a 3-1 margin on name recognition and strong community ties alone.

That was before last night's candidate forum at Juniper Academy in the Parkview neighborhood, when I saw the candidates in person.

I've changed my mind.

Moty, John Wilson and Paul Heckman are all undoubtedly good men with strong character, experience and fine ideas.

But there's no competing with Moty's combination of name recognition, grasp of the facts and issues, clarity of answers, experience, intellect and composure. (Onstage, a barely perceptible nervousness keeps him from coming across as too slick. Forums aren't easy, public speaking isn't easy, and how would we fare with our mother-in-law and teen daughter in the audience?)

Some voters will give him a pass because of his law enforcement background and no-nonsense personality, and because, come on, is there anything those Moty boys can't do? Sheesh.

But that'd be off the mark. The fact is, he has style as well as substance. Hard to beat.

On June 3, Moty's winning margin will be 10 to 1.

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