Redding blood bank boss fired

BloodSource North State director Brad Tillson has been dismissed from his job.

Tillson said the blood bank let him go after he questioned the advisability of a new set of procedures.

"There are two sides to every story," he said Thursday. "Here's one: What it came down to was a disagreement in how a program was being implemented. I was uncomfortable in how it was being implemented."

He said it had nothing to do with donor safety and encouraged blood donors to continue their lifesaving contributions.

Tillson, 47, is by training a registered nurse. He was at BloodSource 11 years. Before his executive position, he was a charge nurse and a nursing supervisor. He says he wants to stay in Shasta County and, after a break, will look for something new here.

He said at BloodSource he had an exemplary work record and less than 10 percent employee turnover, and had brought a seven-figure deficit to at least a break-even point. His last day was April 3.

"My heart was in that organization," he said. "I'll sit for a while until I see what the area holds for me." He was confident he'd land on his feet soon: "I've got skills and excellent recent work experience with extremely good training in blood banks, pain management, apheresis and home health care."

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  1. I'd be surprised if Shasta Blood Center doesn't pick up this free agent.