Pow! Right in the kisser!

Redding City Councilors Ken Murray, Rick Bosetti and Patrick Jones hosed Mayor Mary Stegall with last night's bullshit vote to reject her choice of Gail Rich to sit on the city planning commission. Too bad the very qualified Rich got caught in the political crossfire. That's a two-fer the guys are probably pretty proud of. They managed to bitchslap not just two liberals but two liberal women. For some people, it doesn't get any better.

Don't miss the excellent horsewhipping Bruce Ross gives them today.


  1. Kelly - And a fine horsewhipping indeed...but it was my understanding that Ken also nominated the Record Searchlight's current publisher and she was rejected as well. Curious as to why he left that out, yes?

  2. I don't know. I suspect he forgot. I had, until now. Let's ask. Bruce?

  3. Shanna Cannon was, briefly, nominated to the library advisory board, but her name was withdrawn and there was never a vote.

    I dunno. It crossed my mind, but l'affaire Jack Thibeau was just more vivid and public.