Old 97's tickets on sale today for San Francisco

If you know the Old 97's, you understand exactly why I'll pay any price for tickets to the Fillmore show June 17 in San Francisco. Luckily, general admission tickets only cost $29.50 for this exquisite slice of alt-country.

Ticket pre-sale begins here today, April 1, 10:30 a.m. Pacific time.

If you're not familiar with this Dallas-based roots rock band, you're in for such a treat. Try Question. Or Bird in a Cage. Or Designs on You. Or Murder (or a Heart Attack). You're so going to love these guys.

Trust me. I introduced you to Neko Case, didn't I? And Cowboy Sally.


  1. The Old 97's, unsung leaders of the alterna-country-bar band movement of the 1990's. Very cool. I am partial to the 1997 (coinkidink?) album too far to care, although I cannot locate my copy. Since I know you like these guys you may want to check out the following:Social Distortion's self titled 1990 release (contains a wicked cover of "Ring Of Fire"), as well as Uncle Tupelo's "Anodyne". Look 'em up and preview on iTunes first, but I feel confident you'll dig 'em.

  2. Thanks, Uncle E! I'm partial to Satellite Rides, myself. I'll enjoy looking up your suggestions.