No way, Subway

The downtown Redding historic Thompson building still might become a Subway fast-food restaurant, a news item reported yesterday after I asked last week about what had become of the "Coming Soon" signs in the window.

Dave Benda (thanks for the quick answer, Dave) spoke to co-owner Kip Rickel, who said several downtown projects had stalled, not just his, and that he expects his to move forward but took the signs down until and unless a Subway can come true.

Not bloody likely.

Word is that when the architecture and engineering reports came back on the city of Redding requirements to convert and upgrade the building, the owners were stunned into paralysis. They are to discuss the issue with the city soon.

If memory serves, they had nine months to research the cost feasibility of the project before they signed on the dotted line.

Did somebody drop the due-diligence ball? Or are city codes and standards really so prohibitively expensive?

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