More outsourcing to India

A successful novelist I know just sent this: (I won't name her until and unless I get her permission, but she's a little busy today.)
Hi, sorry for the mass mailing to all the sharpest-eyed readers I know (so sharp, in fact that some of you do this for a living). I hope you'll understand after I explain. I was just allowed a peek at my corrected manuscript which is supposed to go to the publisher's Wed. and, without even actually reading it, a couple of mistakes jumped out at me.

I mentioned this to my editor, who assured me that the manuscript has been thoroughly proofed. Then she had a look, found another typo, went to her production chief to find out what was going on and discovered that the proofing of the last pass of my manuscript had been out-sourced to India! It appears that spell-check errors may have been entered into the manuscript.

So they are going to allow me to read through it once more--provided I can get it back by tomorrow afternoon. I worry that I will never catch all the little glitches with that time constraint.

SO I'm asking a favor: Would you have time to read 20 or so pages? More if you have the time. I will email you however many pages you can do. All I'm looking for are typos. You don't have to read for content or style or repetitions.

Come on. Help me TAKE BACK AMERICA!!

If this weren't actually happening to me, I wouldn't believe it.

Will they never learn? Publishers, repeat after me: You get what you pay for.

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