Loni Anderson in Old Shasta - still a beauty

Oh, yes, that was her stunning self, all right, sitting in front of us at the hilarious U-Prep school production of "The Man Who Came to Dinner" Friday night. Great acting, costumes and sets. Well done all around. There's one more show, Saturday at 2 p.m. at the historic schoolhouse in Old Shasta. (That's my friend Buffy Tanner onstage introducing the play. She's a devoted U-Prep parent. Hi, Buffy.) Go, if you can still find a ticket. Go.

Miss Anderson sat in the second row with family members, there as a fan of McKenzie Hoffman, who had a starring role. I, slack-jawed stargazer, sat in the third. I didn't bother her because my husband would have murdered me on the spot. Also I didn't want to inflict my pizza breath. So I just admired her from 20 inches away.

Profile of a 30-year-old. Unmistakable cheekbones. Pretty makeup done just right, with dramatic lashes. Well, she is a star. If she can't get away with them, who can? She wore jeans and a black blouse (sheer but not peekaboo). Sat so still you could hardly tell she was breathing. Carried a fabric purse that looked not so different than our everyday bags. Every blonde hair in place (yep, in photo). Mingled gently with a few people at intermission, elegant and poised. And tiny. Like, size minus-zero. (Note to self: Unlike some people, she did not indulge in intermission cookies, soda and Dove chocolates. Hello.)

People noticed but didn't mob. I wonder if celebrities appreciate the privacy or wouldn't mind a brief chat in a setting like that.

Whoever knows her, please pass this along: Miss Anderson, forgive my staring. It's just that you're gorgeous. I enjoyed your acting and sense of humor in WKRP in Cincinnati all those years. They don't make shows like that anymore. Some tacky actresses today could take a lesson from your composure. You're the picture of grace and style, and not just because of the way you look. I admired you then, I admire you now, and I'm not the only one. We hope you're having a lovely life. Thank you.


  1. She was great on WKRP. I remember her stiffling a laugh when Les Nesman (during the episode where they tossed turkeys out of a helicopter for a Thanksgiving publicity stunt) and Mr. Carlson exclaimed, "As God is my witness I thought turkey's could fly."

    Wonderful show. I'll have to pick up the box set DVD's...

  2. The WKRP "flying" turkey episode rates as my No. 1 all-time favorite TV show! Loni Anderson was just perfect for the part she played in the series.