KPIG radio on AM dial today

Now for KPIG radio fans in northern California who can't get reception at 96.7 FM -- try 1670 AM as of today. Finally, I can listen in my house as well as in my car. If you don't know the Pig, you're missing out on a pignacious playlist. Here's a sample from this morning:

Will Ray "Santa Cruzin"
Bobby Bare "Finger On The Button"
"Number Nine Train"
Rev. Billy C. Wirtz
"Get Off My Lawn"
Chris Gaffney
"Psychotic Girlfriend"
"Strange Days"
Skinny Singers (The)
"Heroes, Hear Me"

The Band
"Move To Japan"
James McMurtry
"Good Life"
Leon Redbone
"Any Time"

Freddy Jones Band
"In A Daydream"

Eric Bibb
Dillard Hartford Dillard
"No Beer In Heaven"
Little Feat
"Apolitical Blues"
Natalie MacMaster
"Blue Bonnets Over The Border"
Joan Osborne
"Ain't No Sunshine"

Pops Staples
"World In Motion"
Old 97's "Dance With Me"

You also can stream the station directly from here. Playlist archives are here, and you can click to buy songs.


  1. I didn't really realize how terrible the radio in Redding was - you get accustomed to even a toothache after a while - until Jim Dyar gave us the heads-up that we could get the Pig. What a fantastic station.

  2. Did they seriously take away the sports radio station?

  3. Jered, they really did, and I'm sorry for sports fans who can't get what they need. I feel bad for Aaron Williams' show, especially.

  4. Kelly,
    thanks for the kind words. I am torn. I love the KPIG format and music (James McMurtry is freakin' awesome), but I lament the loss of sports talk radio. I got in the car last night after deadline and flipped on 1670 to hear updates about the Padres-Rockies 22-inning game and ESPN was gone. I got KNBR, but only because it was 1:20 a.m. I know a lot of people are pissed and have blasted the Redding Radio receptionsist with f-bombs and the like. I will listen to KPIG, but maybe on 96.7. That and pray someone has enough sense to bring sports talk back to the north state.

  5. Impressive play list, K. Although I am not a fan of modern day C&W I have an intense love for the authentic stuff and KPIG is it! James McMurtry, as Aaron said is great as are the Old 97's. Of course not all KPIG is country based (Doors, The Band, etc), but I guess you could say it is an "Americana" station. And that ain't a bad thing at all!

  6. You know, the wife and I just happened to be Austin in January.

    And we just happened to stop by the Continental Club, on South Congress, on a Wednesday night.

    And James McMurtry just happened to be headlining that night.

    And we saw him -- and two other fabulous acts -- for 10 bucks.

    But really, Redding's cool.

  7. The Northstate always seemed like a great match with KPIG to me. You know, one of KPIG's mottos is "Real people playing real music." You can still request the DJ to play a song that you want to hear - either by phone or e-mail (there's progress for you). How many other stations still take requests? I hope the local community can listen with an open ear. I think folks will like what they hear.

  8. Bruce mentioned Austin. Having lived there for a few years, I would say that KPIG is a pretty close cousin of KGSR, which is the coolest radio station anywhere. You can google and stream that one, too.

  9. I use to be a DJ in Redding for a short time. My ex was a DJ there forever. After moving to Sacramento I realized how HORRIBLE Redding radio was.
    When I go up there I make sure I have a couple of new CDs because I can handle only so much classic rock and country.