Haven Humane's documents

Haven Humane animal shelter's silence on the recent hasty departure of Norm Ryan and the subsequent police investigation leaves concerned onlookers mystified and imagining probably worse than whatever actually happened.

Theft? Embezzlement? Vandalism? Intramural hanky panky? Book cooking? Mismanagement? Bad judgment? Bad breath? Bad juju? Bad accident? None of the above? WHAT?

Observers say Ryan didn't quit voluntarily and that further digging is in order.

But we don't really know, do we?

Police won't talk. Ryan won't talk. Interim CEO Yvonne Preston says she can't talk. Nobody else is racing forward to talk. Tar Baby don't say nuthin.

Actually, new Board of Directors President Vickie Marler talked briefly Friday.

She said Preston had indeed stepped down from the board, as reported, and was volunteering as an unpaid CEO while the board seeks a replacement.

"We're real optimistic and pulling together," Marler said. "I know there's a lot of concern about the shelter, but tell people to come down, look around and see we're taking care of the animals. It's all about the animals. Sometimes that gets forgotten."

She said she couldn't comment further about Ryan or the nature of the investigation.

I know Marler a little. She helps run a local company that provides life insurance through credit unions nationwide. She volunteers in several community efforts. I've found her to be soft-spoken, modest and a straight shooter. I think she would speak freely if she legally could.

Meantime, they say if you're gathering string, follow the money. Luckily, a charitable non-profit organization's money is public record.

So until somebody sheds more light, here are the latest Haven Humane IRS documents.

Filed 2008 (not until November)
Filed 2007
Filed 2006
Filed 2005

As always, if anybody in the know wants to talk -- on the record or off -- I'm a good listener.


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  5. Ahhh, now it makes sense. Bitter EX RS employee who can't let go the past.
    Thanks, Lou, for the 411. It's comforting to know that this loose nut's no longer in Redding.

  6. hopefully the Board of Directors will do a better job this time of selecting a CEO. Maybe not pick a friend or political associate. How about someone with shelter experience and compassion for animals.

  7. Dave, really...behave yourself for once in your life.

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  11. Vickie Marler says it’s all about the animals? Oh really?

    Then why did Haven's board of directors recruit Norm Ryan (a man with zero knowledge of animals, no experience in shelters, wouldn’t know a humane law if it hit him in the face) in the first place?

    And why was Rich Steele (ditto the experience of Norm) hired from out of town and given the shiny new title of Director of Animal Welfare? Both these men are rumored to be friends of Yvonne Preston’s.

    If it’s “all about the animals” then why is Yvonne Preston acting as CEO instead of someone with actual shelter experience?

    And why, on page 700 of the Yellow Book, does Haven have a full-color ad for the so-called “Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic” advertising (among other things) ear-cropping? EAR CROPPING?? The Humane Society of the United States has long denounced ear cropping and other forms of cosmetic mutilation. See

    All about the animals? Perhaps she should add …’and the revenue they can generate.’
    Seems Haven has lost its humane compass…

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  33. Wow Kelly! With all these comments and page views, I guess you'd have to agree this was no "dog" of an entry!

  34. What concerns me to is this is the man (Norm Ryan) who is running against Leslie Detweiler, our City Treasurer who is doing a great job. We need to support her. I cannot even get into to Dave's comments. They are despicable.

  35. thank you anonymous at 10:31pm for getting this back on track. Go to Long Beach Press Telegram and do a search for Norm Ryan. Also The man has run for everything possible, got elected to some obscure Water Board and was not re-elected. Then left town when his friends dumped him. The blogs on the two articles in the RS give you the details on his lawsuit, etc (after you wade through the usual nonsense.)

  36. This exchange could be classified as a haerlestorm.

  37. More questions about Haven mis-mangaement and no answers.
    If Vicky Marler is correct that Yvonne Preston stepped down from the Haven board, why was their web site just recently changed to indicate that Yvonne Preston is both the "President, CEO & Chairperson" on the Board of Directors list and then shown that she is also the "President & CEO" on the Executive Staff List??
    This recent change also removed Amber from the staff and the previous 7 staff members from the clinic??
    Why doesn't Rich Steele show up anywhere? Is he working for "free" too?
    What a merry-go-round.