Golden opportunity at the Sundial Bridge

Now that summer weather is here, let's see if we can persuade Redding Sundial Bridge cafe operator to stay open past 5 p.m. on Sundays. Or at least past 4:52 p.m. Sundays, which was when an employee turned the sign over, locked the door, shook me off and ignored my puppy-eyed plea for one more minute, please? so I could spend ten bucks on a snack. No dice. Hrm. I met with a friend for a couple of sweltering hours at their outdoor table area, anyway. We watched group after group come to the door only to see "Closed." From the looks on their faces, you'd have thought the sign said, "Whatever, international tourists and moneybags: Get lost."

If the operators will stay late on weekends, I'll come there every weekend, bring friends and out-of-town guests, and spend money.

Pretty please?


  1. It would also be nice if the new management would offer more casual, affordable dining. I went there on Friday for a burger and beer with live music and quickly relaized that I would be spending $40 for dinner and a drink or $10 for a cover charge if a elected not to dine. They have decided to go for a fine dining experience complete with a maitre d' (You don't get to choose your seating without supervision). If I want a fine dining expereince I will go to Moonstone Bistro or to Maritime, thank you very much!

  2. Also sad to watch are the older folks who trudge all the way from the parking lot -- and it's a trek -- only to find that the cafe is closed. It would be nice if the owners would at least set a sign out on the sidewalk announcing whether or not the cafe is open.

  3. I would suggest blinds for inside the cafe windows. That way, the staff can close the blinds and more easily be able to ignore potential patrons such as yourself who come at an inconvenient time. It will also keep them from seeing the large amount of dollars that could have been theirs that are now going "downstream."