Carpetbag? What carpetbag?

Let's see if we have this right.

Former Haven Humane puppy wrangler Norm Ryan is running for Redding treasurer, where he would collect and document city revenues, manage its investment portfolio and cash balances, report on all municipal financial activity and be accountable for protecting the public interest.

Is that the same guy who moved here from Long Beach a short time ago with the express intent of snapping up an easy public office, only to miss out on an appointed seat so wound up running the local taxpayer-subsidized animal shelter until a couple of weeks ago when he mysteriously quit without notice and refuses to say why?

And now the city police have been called in, and no one will say why?

That guy? Who can't be bothered to comment? Who was paid upwards of $80,000 a year (that's the salary listed for the last executive, anyway, on the latest available public documents) to run an animal shelter that received $600,000 this year in public funds?

The guy who won't talk to the public? Wants to manage public finances? Based on his ... excellent public track record? Get serious, Mr. Ryan. We wouldn't elect you dogcatcher. Oh, wait, you already quit that job.


  1. Kelly,
    Please keep digging. Mr. Ryan did not "quit" his job as Haven's CEO – a title that was created just for him, by the way. Something's beyond fishy at yonder Haven Humane Society. Why won't ANYONE talk?

  2. I wish someone would find out why Mr. Ryan was hired in the first place. He has no shelter or animal experience of any kind.
    Also, why was a job "Director of Animal Welfare" recently invented for another person, Mr. Steele, who has no experience with animals or shelter management. Haven Humane was paying two people to do the job that one person has always handled. I would start with
    Ms. Preston (acting CEO/Pres.) for answers. How can an organization that accepts donations from the public and public tax money not be accountable to anyone?

  3. There seems to be a common factor with Norm Ryan and Rich Steele, who were both recommended by the same board member, which could be considered a conflict of interest.
    One might want to ask what recruiting ads Rich and Norm responded to?
    Maybe their jobs were advertised on Craigs list like the recent clinic positions just were on 4/15 & 4/16.

  4. Yeah, Redding locals hate them outsiders who come here with their fancy book learning and habit of wearing shoes and not marrying cousins.