Two winners - now what?

Jessica4922 was first with a right answer to our three contest questions about J. Alfred Prufrog.

Michelle was first with a different right answer.

We thought we'd found and relocated J. Alfred Prufrog (and his loud love song) to the Sacramento River. But that frog was a ringer.

Prufrog continued to live in the gardenias, as Jessica said, and then relocated himself eventually, whereabouts unknown, as Michelle said.

Two $25 Tuesday winners = two $25 Target gift cards. No question. Easy peasy. Congratulations!

ThomG gets bragging rights for Best Snide Aside. Thanks, TG.

Send me mailing addresses offline, you drill-down divas.

(p.s. I still have frogs in my gardens -- a stone carving in the front, and a coffee mug with frog pictures in the back. They're careful not to disturb my universe, which I appreciate. Ribbit.)


  1. Way to go, Jess. I know you debated adding the Sac River thing, but decided not to.

  2. Yay!!

    Congrats to Jess, too!!! :-)

  3. Kelly, apparently I am an idiot because I can't seem to find your email address. Could you point me in the right direction so I can send you my mailing address? Thanks! :-)

  4. It's

  5. Always a pleasure. Congrats to the winners.