Three wins and $57K+

Cousin Krissy gets a huge round of applause and cheers from me for her appearance on "Jeopardy!" this week, taking home more than $57,000 after an amazing four-day display of knowledge, intellect and composure.

If you saw her at all, you were impressed. If you know the rest of her story, you'll be awestruck. She attends college in Colorado now.

As a mere shirttail relative and avid groupie, I say congratulations to Kristina Caffrey, a shining example of the value of personal determination, strong family support and a good education.


  1. I watch Jeopardy everyday, and Kristina was one of my favorite contestants. There's a certain charm to extremely intelligent ladies. But then I read about her battle with Gaucher's disease. It was very inspiring, and I congratulate her and her parents in overcoming tremendous odds. Kudos, Kristina!

  2. I hated to see Kristina go!!