Scrabble tournament going on 20 years

Steve and friend Frank have competed at Scrabble for almost 20 years, through several moves across the country, during years in New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, California twice, and Washington, over multiple career reincarnations for them both, and since before the advent of our kids, who are grown.

The games require nonstop snacks of nuts, popcorn, brownies, sandwiches, chips, Cheetos, chocolate, cookies, Cokes, toast and coffee (one milk, the other sugar).

The board is on a spinner, but they don't use that feature. They anchor the board so each player views it sideways at all times. They're perverse.

Play online? Never.

Today marks the end of the latest match, held in beautiful northern California. Three days. Twenty games. Final standing, 13-7. The championship belt goes back and forth.

Who has it now? That's utterly beside the point.

Come back anytime, Francisco.


  1. I happen to believe the Scrabble turntable is one of the slickest inventions of all-time -- right up there with the microwave oven and wet wipes.
    Not use it? Wow - pretty hardcore. I'm impressed.

  2. Me, too. Do they use a timer?

  3. Steve looks stumped in that photo. Obviously dealing with another masterful Scrabble block.