Postal puzzle perplexes me

Using a drive-through lane or window, I can purchase a meal, get a coffee, wash my car, collect my dry cleaning, pick up my child at school, pay a toll, attend church, get married (in Nevada), fill a prescription, deposit a check or hit the ATM.

The drive-through was a fabulous innovation in customer service, beginning in the '30s or thereabouts.

So why is there no post office drive-through service?

I know there are drive-up drop-off blue boxes. A window with a person inside is what I'm looking for.

I'm not lazy. I just don't want to hassle with finding a parking spot and leaving my dog in the car while I go stand in line indoors for 20 minutes to buy stamps or mail a package (heavier than 13 ounces must be handed to a living, breathing postal employee; did you know?). I imagine people with little kids in the car would also find a drive-through lane convenient.

But no. My local downtown postal clerk said she didn't know of any drive-through post offices, and she didn't know a reason why not.

Can anyone explain this, or even hazard a guess?


  1. Do you mean to say, Kelly, that you expect a branch of the U.S. Government--the Postal Service, no less--to do something that actually makes sense and improves our lives?? What kinda nut are you?

  2. They put a drive-thru window in at a post office in Texas. They decided not to follow suit in other locations because nobody ever used it.
    Of course, it was a second-floor window...


  3. Everyone knows the "gummint" is at least 60 years behind the times, but now that I think of it, I'm surprised they haven't done here in the Southern California "Car Capital of the World" where almost anything else is drive-thru. Oh, I forgot, it would make perfect sense, silly me.....Jim Thompson In Ventura, CA

  4. Is that cynicism I smell? Y'all are hard-asses. I'm waiting for my drive-through Post Office window. I think it's going to open any day now.

  5. Now, why would you want to go and add more traffic problems? Consider the length of your drive-thru waiting line if you narrowed the "service" down to just one window. There wouldn't even be room for "waiting lanes"!

  6. Oops, just to be clear: I want drive-through service not INSTEAD of indoor service but IN ADDITION TO it. Whew. That was close. Thanks for giving me a chance to clear that up. Hi, Chris.