Please annoy the living crap out of me

Please forget to silence your cell phone before you come into your CEO job interview. Please look startled when it rings while you're talking, and say airily, "I'll just let it go to voice mail." Please let it play "When the Saints Go Marching In" for a good eight seconds all over your response to our question, because that is our favorite song. And please, please, please, don't go ahead and turn it off the first time. Let this happen once, twice, three times during your 45-minute interview. Please. We love this and cannot get enough. It's the best flake filter available. Thank you very much.


  1. Probably my biggest pet peeve, my largest annoyance. Even more so than taking a cold bath with somone I dislike.
    "Flake filter" just became part of my life.


  2. Oh. My. God. Kelly, that was hilarious!
    You know, the only thing I hate more than that is when I'm out to dinner with someone who thinks it's okay to start texting the friends he's NOT out to dinner with. In fact, now that I'm on the subject, I had a friendship that recently disintegrated recently after it went from face to face, then from phone to phone, and finally when it turned into a text relationship, I was done.

  3. How would you feel about a ringtone featuring Bad Religion's "Stranger Than Fiction?"

    OK, bad all the way around...

    By the way, I don't ever text the Queen, unless I absolutely have to, and she overlooks my Chronic Distraction Disorder

  4. Thanks, Kelly, this is hilarious! Yes, the "flake-filter" phrase will definitely become part of my daily nomenclature.

    P.S. Hey Thom G and The Queen, knock it off and no sixth-grader fights on the playground on someone else's blog! Besides Thom, I don't think the Queen is talking about you - just a hunch ;-)

  5. I've read this post a dozen times, tried to respond and couldn't come up with a topper.

    You so remain my hero!