My cousin's kicking butt on 'Jeopardy!'

My cousin Kristina Caffrey, 21, of Albuquerque, is two days and almost $45,000 into a cool winning streak this week on 'Jeopardy!' She's been up against other really smart contestants and hard questions, too. I was sweating bullets for her. Wednesday night she'll go for Round 3 of very daring daily doubles and amazing last-second saves. She's got the razzmatazz, pizazz and all that jazz. Go, Kristina!

OK, she's not exactly my cousin. She's my cousin's niece. She's my cousin's niece by marriage. So she's my cousin's husband's sibling's daughter. And, actually, my cousin is really my second cousin. She's a first cousin to my mom and so a second cousin to me. So, yeah, Kristina and I don't share any DNA whatsoever. Also, I never personally actually have met Kristina. But still. Go, cuz! Go, baby!


  1. Hee hee hee-- you funny!

    I especially like the way you posted this one from the did you do that? Are you typing from a different time zone... like Wonderland?

  2. Hi! Krissy is my cousin - my real cousin. :-)

    I am in Minnesota, but my parents are in New Mexico with Kristina's family and went to John & Bettina's party on Monday to watch the show.

    My husband, daughter, son, and I are rooting for her here!

    Monica Johnson

  3. And this brainy girl pulled it out again tonight. Half the town here is rooting for her; phones were ringing off the hook! I'm just as proud as punch!

    Kelly, you may remember that Bettina was a judge at Max's spelling match some years ago.

    Small world full of wonderful surprises! And that competitive Caffrey spirit shines on....

    So glad everyone is watching and cheering Kristina on.

    You go, girl!

  4. Hi, Monica. Thanks for dropping in.

    Do you think Kristina and her family would mind if I shared more of her amazing life? It might boost the research fund, if that's still a goal.

    We're so enjoying watching her. Our youngest son (16) is claiming her as his cousin at school. :)

  5. Greg - Time shifting is merely one of my many magical talents. :)

  6. I don't know her current feelings on everything, but her story is posted on the internet:

    And, the regarding the poster statement of the "Competitive Caffrey Spirit" is absolutely right. I don't know one of us that isn't a typical type-A personality with a love (ok, obsession) of winning. If only an all-Caffrey Jeopardy tournament was possible...well...maybe not...there may be blood...

    It is a blessing and a curse. :-)

    My mom said tonight's NM episode is on at 1:07 am (!!!) because of the NCAA tournament. Too bad!! I caught it here in MN, but I'm keeping the results a secret.

    Monica (Caffrey) Johnson

  7. Hello from New York and Happy Easter to everyone! My wife and I just watched a DVR copy of last Thursday's episode of Jeopardy and, being big fans of Kristina, are very sorry to see her go. She did make a run in that game and even put herself in a postion to win, but came up a little short in Final Jeopardy. Our congrats go out to her for her awesome run!

    Anyway, after the show, we were wondering if what she had accomplished was in any way a record on the show, since you don't see too many college students competing and handily beating the older contestants. A quick search led us to this page and to the story of Kristina on

    I read her story and was left utterly speechless. She is an incredible and amazing person whose story is both heart wrenching and inspirational. I wish her all the success, health and happiness in the world. She certainly deserves it. It appears the Children's Gaucher Research Fund is still welcoming donations, so my family is going to do it's small part by making one. We hope more children's stories can have a similar promising outcome just like Kristina's!