Movie Monday: 'In Bruges'

"In Bruges" is riveting, violent, gory, heartbreaking and funny. And Irish. And smart. If you go for that sort of thing, don't waste a minute. Run, don't walk, to Prime 11 Cinemas in Anderson before the film is gone. Starring Colin Farrell (left), Ralph Fiennes and Brendan Gleeson. 107 minutes. Rated R, with tons of profanity. Tons. Brace yourself. ... Bruges ( "broozh") is a Belgian city steeped in history and filled with medieval castles and churches -- it's beautiful. The movie is very European and might not draw much of a crowd. Prime 11 management says it's only showing because of emails and phone calls from people who asked for it. The manager also said we should always beat the drum for movies we want to see. "We like to show classier films," he said.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'd looked at a few other reviews, and just about decided against seeing it, because of the profanity. But after reading your review, I think I'll go (I also would like to support the management, who do make an effort to provide more choices).