More on women in public office

Last week I dribbled on about about the lack of women running for local political office. Today Doni picks up the ball and scores actual points. Thanks, D, and good show.

Friday, March 7, is the deadline for candidate declaration in the June 3 primary, including for Shasta County Board of Supervisors. More June election information here.

On June 9, the governor will open the Nov. 4 election. The candidate declaration deadline, including for Redding City Council, will be Aug. 8. More November election information here.


  1. Hi Kelly - I was under the impression that the paperwork to run for Redding City Council needed to be filed this summer (direct commmunication with the Connie Strohmeyer's staff member). Can you please clarify which filing deadline is this Friday, March 7th? Thanks!

  2. Also, did you know that Jackie Speier was running for Congress?

    Were you at the luncheon last spring at the McConnell Foundation that she spoke at? At that luncheon, Jackie encouraged women to run for all types of public offices.

  3. Thanks for the nudge on election dates, LM. I've clarified the dates.

    The November election hasn't been officially 'called' by the governor yet, so we're only actively in-process on the June election.

    I like that Jackie Speier. She's a pistol.