It's $25 Target Tuesday!

Today's contest involves a little drill-down.

I have a $25 Target gift card for the first person who can correctly answer all three questions:

What did I finally name the very vocal creature that lived on our property one spring?

Where did we relocate him?

What year was it?

The answers are all here in Pink Hollyhock.
Tip: there's a search window on my home page.
Happy hunting.


  1. 1) The frog was named Prufrog...or J. Alfred Prufrog

    2) You didn't relocate him, you let him live in your gardenias

    3) It was April of 2005

  2. Crud! I took a nap with my kids and was too late getting back here!!! :-(

  3. It might be worth it to give Jessica4922 a run for her money... :)

  4. OK. :-)

    1) J. Alfred Prufrog

    2) It sounds like he relocated himself after residing in the gardenias. Last reference said "We like to believe he hopped a puddle-jumper to a romantic rendezvous with a warty new girlfriend." I am guessing he never returned.

    3) 2005

  5. Col. Mustard
    In the conservatory
    With a lead pipe

    (Whoops, wrong game.)

  6. OK, thomg gets bragging rights for the funniest comment. Thanks!